About us

About Us

High Secret Apparel, founded in 1987, we are a clothing company that specializes in contemporary look based in Downtown Los Angeles. We offer a very Elegant, Chique yet Edgy style that makes you look flawlessly Gorgeous. We have provided unique quality from various materials. Our goal is to maintain high fashion at a low and affordable price. We have developed an incredible relationship overseas to import and export our name to different parts of the world. Women at any age can enjoy the fashion that we have selected and designed. We have over 200 designs that is fit for every occasion. From casual, day time to evening wear our dresses represent 100 and more designs for every season of the year. Our team is dedicated in staying on top of new women's fashion! We value all of customers and we guarantee satisfaction. Our idea has developed as a small business across the US with a private label which wholesales with private distributors and private stores. Please contact us for a sales representative in your area.