1. Wholesalers: Your Ticket to Succeeding in the Retail Women’s Fashion Industry

    Do you yearn to make more money without having to break your back, or shove your competition in the back seat? “Well Duh!” Who doesn’t drool at the thought of having more money and free time to hang out with your loved ones? As much as this money-time combination seems unachievable, High Secret Apparel has a wholesale program that comes pretty close.

    The Hustle and Bustle of Women’s Clothing

    It’s not a secret that the retail women’s clothing space is in a constant state of flux – always undergoing changes. Inventory turnover never seems to stop as hot-selling items change with the season and styles go out of fashion as rapidly as they came in. This may leave you wondering; How do successful vendors manage to have new items in their catalog, tons of inventory, and constant sales?

    This may be especially daunting when you find out that your next-door competitors who have a

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  3. Indispensable Tips for Every Women’s Fashion Store

    Are you weighing up the possibility of starting a Women’s Fashion Boutique? Or has your business slacked off recently and you want a revamp? If you felt a personal connection to any of these question, then the 3 essential tips highlight below may be just what you need!

    Selling trendy women’s fashion can be both profitable and quite fun. It doesn’t matter if your objective is to finally enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, swapping your ‘bleh’ part-time job for a small business, or simply exploring a lucrative side hustle; there is something for everyone in the apparel industry (if you know how and where to look).

    We don’t need to blab about the challenges of the apparel industry – you’re probably stressing over them as we speak. Rather, as proponents of the spirit of optimism and positivity, we will help you get your business off the ground, find the ideal wholesale supplier, and determine the best-fit store.

    1. 1.      What’s your Brand?
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  4. 2018 Fall Season Is Upon Us: Help your Clients Dress the Part

    Mother nature’s color palette has changed once more as leaves start to change color for the fall season. And as the seasons change, a new dawn of fashion follows suit. Fall is arguably one of the best seasons for fashion. Just because summer is over and the temperatures are slowly turning frigid doesn’t mean that your store’s points should also drop (pun intended).

    Here at High Secret Apparel, we have taken the initiative to bring your our favorite fall pieces to keep your customers content, warm, cozy, elegant, and chic all at the same time. The guide below is meant for you self-proclaimed fashionistas, retails stores, and online fashion vendors.


    It does not matter if your customer is looking to make an entrance on a date night or dazzle in an office party, we have ‘statement-makers’ that will compliment her ambitions. From modest maxi dresses to dresses that will turn

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